Who we are

We are 4 geography academics working at British Universities

Professor Jenny Pickerill

Jenny PickerillJenny Pickerill is a Professor of Environmental Geography at Sheffield University, England. Her research focuses on inspiring grassroots solutions to environmental problems and in hopeful and positive ways in which we can change social practices.She has published 3 books (Cyberprotest; Anti-war Activism; Eco-Homes) and over 30 articles on themes around environmentalism, Indigenous geographies, anarchism and eco-housing.



Dr Sophie Hadfield-Hill


Sophie Hadfield-Hill is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Birmingham.  Principally a Children’s Geographer, Sophie’s expertise is children and young people’s everyday experiences of urban change in diverse contexts.  Her research portfolio spans young people’s lives in the UK, India and Brazil; she has been Principal and Co-Investigator on numerous research projects related to urban transformation.  



Professor Peter Kraftl

Peter KraftlPeter Kraftl is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Birmingham, and Honorary Professor in the School of Education, RMIT, Australia. His research interests span children’s geographies, geographies of education, and the critical study of architecture (especially sustainable urban architectures) – and much of his work combines these interests in different ways. For over ten years, he has been involved in a programme of funded research exploring children’s and young people’s experiences of (and involvement in) newly-built, masterplanned, ‘sustainable’ urban places



Kirsten Stevens-Wood

KirstenKirsten Stevens-Wood is the lead for the Intentional Communities research group based at Cardiff Metropolitan University. She has visited over 30 different communities both in the UK and abroad and is currently undertaking an ethnographic study of an eco-community in the South East of the England. Her current research focus includes the use of consensus decision making within communities, communities as sites of experimentation and way in which utopian discourse influences expectation hope. Kirsten is also a qualified Community development worker, and in a previous life was a regional development worker for the City Farm movement.

Hazal Ilgaz Dolek

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Hazal Ilgaz Dolek is currently writing up her PhD thesis at the University of Sheffield. She is a cultural geographer with background in anthropology, investigating the intersections of space-making, intimacy and neo-colonialism. Her current project locates gendered places that endure under prolonged occupation and patriarchy in West Bank. Her research nourished by insights from ethnography, decolonizing pedagogies and Spinozian philosophies.

Hazal is the administrator for the seminar series.