Sheffield event workshop logistics


10thand 11thOctober 2019


We are holding the event on the Sheffield University campus, in the Alfred Denny Conference Room (campus map:!/file/campus-map.pdf, E3). The entrance is marked by the red dot below:

Event location


Some accommodation options in Sheffield include (all of the following hotels and accommodation are within a 5-15 minute walk of the conference venue):

Getting there

Information on how to get to Sheffield campus is here:

There is a direct tram up to the University from Sheffield train station (Blue line towards Malin Bridge – you need cash ~£1.80 and buy once you get on from conductor)


Thursday 10thOctober: Starts 10.30 am, ends 5pm (with workshop dinner in the evening)

Friday 11thOctober: Starts 9am, ends by 3pm

Refreshments and food

Hot and cold drinks and lunch and dinner are included and free for each day. We have catered for meat eaters, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. If you have any further dietary requirements please let us know asap.


Day Time Activity Facilitator


10.30 Teas, coffee and pastries
10.45 Introduction – framing of purpose of event + first seminar summary + questions Jenny
11.00 Keynote talk: Professor James Evans (45 mins) Jenny
11.45 Questions of keynote
12.00 Lunch (PJ Taste buffet)
13.30 Respondent intervention: Dr Francesca Fois (25 mins) Peter





Immediate questions
14.15 Respondent intervention: Dr Rhiannon Firth (25 mins)
Immediate questions
15.00 Respondent intervention: Dr Alison Browne (25 mins)
Immediate questions
15.45 Tea and cake break
16.15 Panel Q&A of respondents (starting to identify key questions and themes) Sophie
17.00 Wrap up Jenny
18.00 Communal dinnerThe Hide (free for participants) – 30 Scotland St, Sheffield S3 7AA [15 mins walk downhill from event] Jenny
2 08.30 Tea, coffee and breakfast granola + yoghurts pots
09.00 Identifying topics for further discussion: Arrange room into round tables, each table to identify key questions that talks identified about theme of event (i.e. experimentation) that they want to explore further. Participants to focus on identifying (a) future research questions and (b) practical problems which we need to answer. Jenny to lead
10.00 Morning tea break

(Co-I’s analyse themes and group into 4-5 workshop spaces)

10.30 Proposed workshop themes shared and agreed or edited. Sign up sheets are created for each group. Peter
10.45 Breakout discussion groups 1 Aim for 5 workshops:

1.     Jenny

2.     Peter

3.     Hazal

4.     Sophie

5.     Kirsten

11.45 Key discussion summarised by one participant from each group
12.00 Lunch (PJ Taste buffet)
13.00 Breakout discussion groups 2 Speakers to facilitate
14.00 Summarising session which brings together key things which have been discussed, proposed etc and identifies next steps.

Each group nominates one participant to report on next steps (academic and practical) that each group identified and to reflect on who might take that on board.

15.00 Wrap up, feedback sheets and close Jenny and Kirsten



Any queries about the day please contact Jenny via